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Should you wish to link to this one, you may choose either a button from below or a simple text link. Should you choose a button, save it to your own server first. Do not direct link mine. Please point all links to to http://www.hisdivineshadow.net Should you choose to link to HDS, please feel free to send him an . He will likely be willing to link you as well.
First, we have the older buttons, created during the life of version two of my site. Below them lie the newer buttons, which I am constantly creating.
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Alex Row Kino Kino Maes Hughes Howl and Sophie Sakuya Kumashiro Sakuya Kumashiro Ciel Ayato Kamina Arcueid Brunestud Random Arcueid Brunestud Naruto Fist of the North Star and Char?
Like the images you see on this site? Go get the sources for yourself! Stop by Robert's Anime Corner Store, the best place to buy anime DVDs online and a great place for much else.

The webmaster of Random takes loads of scans and puts them up in categorized galleries, usually three at a time. They are removed and replaced with new galleries regularly. The images are of excellent quality, and work extremely well in backgrounds. Check it out!

Angel Flower Anime is the personal site of Blue Mana, and it is from her that I have acquired many of the larger GIFs on the Big Adoptions page of Quiescence, including one I requested of my little Sakuya. Have a look at her GIF portfolio. Perhaps there are some you'll want to adopt, although be sure to read Blue Mana's rules first.

A shrine to the brother of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru. A very extensive site, this shrine contains anything and everything you're likely to want related to Sesshoumaru.

Gaia Online
Gaia Online is many things, most of which I don't even care for anymore. However, clicking this link will earn HDS gold, so click if you wish to learn more about Gaia.

Mac Hall
Mac Hall is the second of my two favorite webcomics, the other being Penny Arcade, featured below. It is the brainchild of Ian McConville and Matt Boyd, who do art and writing, respectively, and is about nothing in particular. To understand MH, one must read MH.

Penny Arcade
I imagine many viewers of this site (Precious few of you that there are) already know of PA. PA is a webcomic, and in some ways the webcomic, for gamers of all stripes. If you've ever picked up and played a video game on any console, this one's for you.

Photoshop Brushes
Lovely brushes lie within the halls of this site. Go grabs some, eh?

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