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Adobe Creative Suite Premium 3 Web Premium | The source of all graphics.
Notepad | A quick code fix.
Macromedia (Now Adobe) Dreamweaver 9 | Much more fun to code in than Notepad.
SmartFTP | My primary method of uploading files.
EevaLeena | For the scan used to make the footer image.
Php Magix | For the wonderful tutorial on how to make the hit counter.
Ben's Web Programming Page | For teaching me how to use CSS to replace Javascript on the rollover link buttons on several pages, a feat accomplished before the new designs/redesigns were ever released to the public.
in obscuro | Grabbed some brushes from here, I did.
carbonize | The source of the guestbook I utilized, Lazarus Guestbook.
Nessonite | Faithful beta testress for nearly every page of every site and subsite.

footerimg footerimg