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Please note that, not only are these not frequently asked, but in fact none have ever been asked before. Make of that what you will.

What the heck is a "His Divine Shadow?"
His Divine Shadow is the ruler of the League of 20,000 Planets and last of the Insect race from the television series Lexx. Think of him as Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars fame, only about a hundred times more evil. For more, see Sadgeezer's Guide to HDS.
What is "Direct Linking?"
Well kids, direct linking is very simple. It occurs when someone, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, your momma, Ross Perot, etc, puts on a web page, be it in a forum, on their own site, or whatever, a link DIRECTLY to a file on my site. For example, say someone liked one of my Blackrose images, say blackrose.JPG, and they wanted to use it on their website. All fine and dandy so far. But instead of uploading the file to their own server or webspace, so that it showed up as http://www.theirwebsite.com/blackrose.JPG, they instead put it on their page linking DIRECTLY to my server, http://www.hisdivineshadow.net/galleries/blackrose/blackrose.JPG. Now, every time someone loads that image on their page, it uses up MY bandwidth instead of the theirs, since it is loading directly from my server. This costs me money for someone viewing a file on a page that isn't mine. This is a big no-no. NEVER, EVER do this, unless you are SPECIFICALLY told that it is allowed.
Why "Shadows?"
I don't completely know myself. I've always liked anything to do with the word shadow for some reason. Also, I couldn't think of any other titles that had any flair or mysterious air to them, so I just went with the simple Shadows moniker. ^^
What's wrong with you, taking quizzes that say "for girls only?" Apologize to the makers!
I apologize for nothing. XD I love quizzes, and I couldn't let those gems slip by. Besides, I am most probably bi anyway, so I suppose I partially qualify. ^^
I found a missing page/missing image/bad link/other mistake on one of your pages! Can I pester you about it?
Certainly! Feel free to send me an (hds(Change to at symbol)hisdivineshadow.net for those who don't use a client that will open with a mailto link or those with Javascript disabled.) detailing the mistake or missing file and I'll fix it posthaste.
What happened to the bios/scans/quizzes?
The old content of the layout has been scattered amongst the various new subdomains of my site. To locate a particular section, you can look to the menu on the right and select the proper link or go to the Directory page and read each page's description.
Do you have a guestbook?
I do now! Go forth to it!
Will you bear my children?
>.> ... No further questions.

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