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Just as every city must have its map, every corporate page its sitemap, every building its blueprints, even the sky above its skycharts, so must Shadows have a directory to guide you, dearest reader, to the many sections that constitute it. Below you will find just that, complete with link buttons leading to each subsection along with a small snippet about each.
the beautiful world is the new home of my scans page, the place where all past and future scans of all assortments will be available for download.

Reflection is a shrine to the female character most dear to me from all of the many Anime and Manga series I have known, Kumashiro Sakuya of Shin Tenchimuyo, or Tenchi in Tokyo to we silly Americans. It will contain scans of my artbooks and other media that contain her, a gallery of images of her I have found about the internet, a small biography of her, and a links page with connections to the regrettably few other websites devoted to or featuring prominently Sakuya.

Quiescence shall be the Elysian Fields, the Valhalla, the very afterlife of Shadows. Within it are those sections that no longer have a place here, on the hub, but are not of size or importance enough to warrant their own subdomain. However, they are not useless. The old biographies, screenshot galleries, adoptions of all sizes, and past layouts of all sections will be laid to rest there. Pages will only see activity when something newly retired is laid down with them, but they will always be up, and they will always be up in what is, in my humble opinion, the greatest of the new layouts of the Shadows collective.

Oxymora! holds the title of site blog, site journal, and site update registry. The location of any site update, including archives of old ones, any rants or musing of myself, and anything else I feel like posing for all to read shall be Oxymora!.

¡Hay Pruebas!
¡Hay Pruebas! harbor's the many quizzes that I have taken online. It replaces the jumbled old quiz page in v.2 of Shadows with an organized and discrete layout. Additionally, no longer are the quizzes all on one page in each category as they were in v.2 (Which, in the case of the old New quizzes page, created what might be one of the longest web pages I have ever seen.).

Listed is the pedestal upon which the various fanlistings and cliques HDS has joined in his many moons on the interweb will rest. Nothing more, nothing less.

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